Faculty of Civil Engineering STU in Bratislava, Department of Structural Mechanics


Slovak Society for Mechanics of SAS


invite you to the


17th International Scientific Conference

New Trends in Statics and Dynamics of Buildings

which will be held

at Faculty of Civil Engineering STU in Bratislava

as a part of JVE Vibroengineering Conferences series

with the major topic: "New Trends in Dynamics of Structures"

on April 25-26, 2019




The purpose of this conference is to provide a forum for scientists and experts for getting the recent knowledge in topic technologies and development of the numerical methods in the statics and dynamics of buildings and discussing actual problems in theoretical and experimental trends in structural analysis. The aim of this conference is to enhance the efficiency and quality of building structures, their safety and reliability.

The conference is focused on major problems in research and development in following areas:

  • Accoustics, noise control and engineering applications
  • Mechanical vibrations and applications
  • Fault diagnosis based on vibration signal analysis
  • Vibration generation and control
  • Seismic engineering and applications
  • Modal analysis and applications
  • Vibration in transportation engineering
  • Flow induced structural vibrations
  • Oscillations in biomedical engineering
  • Chaos, nonlinear dynamics and applications
  • Oscillations in Electrical Engineering
  • Fractional dynamics and applications

If you are interested in taking part, please register via our Registration Form.


We are looking forward to meeting you at the Conference!

Prof. Ing. Milan Sokol, PhD.
Co-Chairman of the Conference